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Peak Performance Training Program FAQ's: Your own Question Answered

What is ‘Peak Performance’?

Peak performance is the state where you maximize your potential and achieve the highest results for your endeavor.

Is ‘Peak Performance Training’ any different from other professional development programs?

Peak performance training is about ‘completion’. It is about the simple steps that ensure an idea reaches the planning and the execution stage likewise. The program is different because it follows you until implementation. Facilitates supports and incentivizes completion!

What will I actually learn from this 3 hours program?

You will learn the fundamentals of ‘success’; the practices that can transform several aspects of your life and career likewise; the experiences that can put you on the fast track of growth. You will discover your own abilities by following the effective steps.

Will there be post workshop ‘assistance’ if I like the approach and need to use it more?

Yes. At ‘Peak Performance Training’ we are looking forward to collaborate for your success. Our larger intent is to assist with mentoring and coaching so as to harness your potential along your career path.

Is there an age limit to attend this workshop?

Anyone above 18 years and a will to learn and apply the new skills are eligible.

How to get a certification? What is its use?

We will provide you a set of simple activities to apply the skills learnt in the workshop for the next 14 days. Once you complete these activities, we will award you the certification.

This certificate proves two things:

1. You have successfully applied the skills acquired in the workshop and applied it in real time. This always results in positive, observable and satisfying outcomes.

2. You can use the certificate details in your CV/Resume. This gives an extra edge over your fellow competitors

Process of certification is simple and will be explained in the workshop. We'll ensure that you'll enjoy the process.

What do the fee I pay cover? Could you explain.

The investment you make covers:

1. The Workshop Fee + Materials (Click to see the materials)

2. Certification (Click to see the sample certificate)

3. 1 Year FREE access to "thespecialyou" membership (INR 2500 value)

4. 1 Year complete email support for your questions

In simple terms, we are committed to support you throughout the journey from where are you now to where you want to be in immediate future.

Am I eligible to attend this workshop?

If you are willing to learn, adapt and progress – you are certainly eligible for the program. Infact, the program is right for you.

More questions? Write to

Not happy writing? Let's speak – 98866 10036 (Sundaresh). Happy to assist!

PS: Or leave an sms any time (even if its 2:00 AM) and I will call you back.

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